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7:30 a.m.          Registration Open (HSCL)
7:30 a.m.          Networking & Continental Breakfast (HSCB)

8:30 a.m.    Opening General Session: The Future: It’s Up to us!

Members of the conference faculty will share the reasons why they continue to work in the field of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector and why fundraising is critically important to create a future that is bright and prosperous.

9:30 a.m.          Interest Sessions #1

1.1 Hirsch: Social Media Tips, Tactics, and Apps for Nonprofit Awesomeness
Want to get a jumpstart on your social media content and strategy? We will discuss latest trends, strategies, and tools to help you best tell your organization’s story. Learn key strategies to integrate, before during, and after your appeals to maximize communication potential and build buzz.  Note: Participants in the Thursday 1/2 day masterclass may wish to choose another workshop during this time slot.

1.2 Barger: How to Identify Prospects & Get the Conversation Started
Join us for a session focused on figuring out who you should talk to, getting the meeting, figuring out what questions to ask and following up afterward.  Chad will walk you step by step through the process he has successfully used for years as he works to raise support for a charity.

1.3 Strunk: Major Gift Fundraising- Relationships are the secret!
Do you wish you could raise significantly more money for your organization through major gifts fundraising, but are not sure where to get started? This session for mid-career development officers is designed to help you ensure your organization has “earned the right” to put a proposal in front of potential major gift donors.  Whether a major gift at your organization is $1,000, $10,000, $25,000 or more, you will learn how to ask and receive more major gifts this year. We will discuss the who, what, why, when and where of asking.

10:30 a.m.        Break

10:45 a.m.        Interest Sessions #2

2.1 Tinker: Crowdfunding 101
What do you need to have in place before you begin crowdfunding? What are the best platforms, cost options, and projects? During a highly interactive session, Dave Tinker, CFRE, FAFP, will share examples of successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding projects and discuss what can be learned from each. After learning how to craft your story and promote your project, you’ll have time to practice creating your own sample campaign.

2.2 Pena: Working and Embracing Your Legacy Pipeline
The success of any bequest program relies on good prospects, inspiring stories and a strategic approach to moving donors. But what actions/moves should you do at every stage of the process? What if you don’t have a budget or any resources to move your donors?
This session will show you how Greenpeace International’s  legacy managers use a pipeline matrix to move donors through a 6-step process to get to a pledge and raise more donors and gifts in Wills.

You’ll learn (1) How to move donors through an engagement pipeline to generate legacy pledges; (2) How to systematically and strategically engage donors that will add value to your legacy program (3) Key messages and activities at every stage of the pipeline.

2.3 Rhoten: Annual Fund Clinic
This session covers the basics of starting and administering an annual giving program with emphasis on direct mail, email, and social media use, particularly in small and medium-sized shops, including insider tips and practical skill building ideas.

12:00 p.m.        Lunch Table Topics & Affinity Networking Sessions (HSCB)

1:15 p.m.          Interest Sessions #3

3.1 Tinker/Hirsch: Reinventing the Ask
Fundraising in the digital age has changed how we communicate with our stakeholders and is critical to your communications strategy. Building on their article from the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) Change magazine, Hirsch and Tinker will share how electronic communications tools such as social media can enhance your relationship with your stakeholders.

3.2 Pena: Ethics Jeopardy
Ethics is not just a game but we sure can have fun while learning!  Fundraisers are all good and honest people but ethics has a sneaky grey area that can trip up the best and brightest professionals. In this turbo-charged, exciting power session, you will have the chance to brush up on the fundamentals of ethical best practices and professional standards while at the same time, having a ridiculously good time.  Join us for this energized and fun game of Ethics Jeopardy and be ready to sound your buzzer!

3.3 Barger: Boosting Donor Retention
Join for a discussion on the importance of donor retention and learn simple, actionable steps that you can take to boost donor retention in your organization.

3.4 Lewis: The War for Fundraising Talent
In 1998, McKinsey declared The War for Talent as an international conflict that would play out broadly across sectors resulting in severe talent shortages, consistent vacancies, and skyrocketing compensation. While these characteristics could describe today’s competitive landscape for fundraisers, The War for Fundraising Talent will be waged within the boundaries of the sector and among those organizations that rely heavily on charitable giving. Employers will consider how organizational culture and job descriptions affect outcomes and whether the advantages of larger organizations are merely size or a fundamentally different philosophy.

2:30 p.m.          Interest Sessions #4

4.1 Hirsch: Nonprofits on Facebook: A Deep Dive into Best Practices
Facebook Insights offers a wealth of data for your nonprofit fundraising and communication. And third party apps can help you keep your Facebook communication up to date. Through live demonstration, attendees will learn about both during this in-depth training!

4.2 Rhoten: Nonprofits in Crisis
We’ve heard the stories, read about them on social media, and shook our head at them in the local papers — nonprofits thrown into crisis because of a scruitinizing Facebook post that went viral, an ethical dilemma, a rogue board member… This workshop explains the types of crisis situations modern nonprofits face, how to navigate them, and how to emerge stronger.

4.3 Barger: The Fundraising Development Plan
This workshop provides an in depth nuts & bolts look at the fundraising planning process — from evaluation, to planning to systematizing.

4.4 Senior Development Professionals Open Roundtable (Location: Henry Student Center Miller Room)

3:30 p.m.          Wrapping Up & Closing Plenary Keynote (HSCB)
See Keynote Info for Description

5:15 p.m.          Meet the Presenters @ Bart & Urby’s