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Storytelling: Communicating Your Mission with Infectious Passion
(Jim Anderson, CFRE)
No one ever gave to an organization because of a Power Point presentation. So why do people contribute to a cause? Because their passion for making a difference has been ignited! You can help ignite a donor’s passion for your cause through the fundamentals of storytelling. Whether you’re telling the story through a grant proposal, a video message, a radio announcement, or one-on-one, you can use storytelling structure to help your donor see their role in making your mission a success.

Robots Make Bad Fundraisers – How Nonprofits Can Maintain the Heart in the Digital Age
(Steven Shattuck)

In some ways, we’re in a golden age of fundraising. There have never been more ways to capture attention, rally supporters, generate revenue, and measure fundraising performance than there are today. The accessibility of this technology has also never been greater, even to the smallest charities.  But with all the software, tools, apps and intelligence available to us, why has fundraising performance stagnated? Has technology actually gotten in the way of building a personal connection with our supporters?  In this keynote session, we’ll explore ways to apply time-tested principles of philanthropy to the modern technology available to fundraisers — with the goal of keeping the donors we already have, inspiring new donors to give, and maintaining the sanity of our team members.

Makin’ Moves: A New Perspective on Moves Management
(John Dawe, CNP, CFRE)
Part of attending a conference like the AFP NEPA Philanthropy Forum is about taking away information and implementing it in your organization — but how do we move from the conference back to our organizations and practices and move in a new direction?  This session will help frame our discussion.

Breakout Sessions

The Art and Science of Digital Donors
(Steven Shattuck)
Retention is your most important fundraising strategy, and your online donors are seriously at risk. Among all your donors, they are the least likely to renew their gifts – unless you take specific, creative steps to engage and thank them. This session will help you discover how to maximize the retention rates of your digital donors. We will examine the attributes of online donors and outline the retention strategies that work best for this slice of your donor database.

Diamonds in the Rough: Finding the Hidden Gems in Your Donor Database
(Steven Shattuck)
Let’s face it: prospect research is difficult. Those who have mastered it are truly artists, but not every nonprofit has access to a dedicated professional. For those wearing multiple hats, wealth screening tools, social media, and good-old-fashioned Google searches can only get you so far. Even if you do find a rich stranger in your area, there’s no guarantee that they’ll drop a million bucks in your lap. In this session, we’ll explore prospect research strategies that build deeper, more meaningful relationships with donors. Participants will learn engagement strategies that enhance existing relationships, as well as uncover those with a propensity to give to your organization for the first time.

The Velvet Rope: Creating Effective Special Events
(Jim Anderson, CFRE)
Are your donors and volunteers suffering from special event fatigue? What they may be looking for is an event that makes them feel special. Learn how to create the VIP experience for your donors, volunteers and sponsors, whether you are hosting a formal gala or a family picnic. This interactive session will cover how to align your special event with your mission; how to identify your target audience(s) and what motivates them to participate; how to implement creative ideas for making participants feel special; and how to objectively evaluate whether the event was a success.

Grassroots Organization Institute
(Stephanie Cory, CFRE)
Is your organization struggling to find the necessary time and resources to raise funds to support your mission? Whether you aren’t even sure where to start or you want to grow your program, this session is designed for grassroots nonprofit organizations seeking to formalize their fundraising efforts and raise more money. Learn how to develop the infrastructure necessary for successful, efficient fundraising. Learn the importance of a development plan as well as how to create one and what policies and procedures you should have in place to ensure ethical fundraising and compliance with applicable laws. Learn about the various methods of fundraising and assess which are most practical for your organization. Gain clarity on what roles your board, volunteers, and staff should play in fundraising. Determine what technology can support your fundraising efforts.

Board of Directors: Fundraisers & Friendraisers
(Stephanie Cory, CFRE)
One of the key responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors is ensuring necessary resources—translation: fundraising. Do your board members avert eye contact when their participation in fundraising comes up in a meeting? Take the fear out of fundraising and friendraising for your board. Learn painless ways board members can participate in all stages of fundraising—identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship—even if they’re terrified to make an ask. Your most introverted board member with few social connections can become an active participant in your organization’s fundraising efforts when equipped with the right tools. Leave this session with practical real-world strategies for effectively engaging your board in raising funds and friends for your organization.

Planned Giving & Marketing
(Viken Mikaelian)
You wouldn’t go to an accountant for legal advice, and you wouldn’t ask a lawyer to generate a Profit and Loss statement.  Attorneys protect us and help structure gifts. In this workshop, we’ll focuses on bringing in the gifts. Oddly, most planned giving vendors are attorneys — people who are good at law but not marketing. After hammering his keep-it-simple marketing message for two decades, Viken is now considered a thought leader on planned giving marketing in our industry. Read how Viken entered the planned giving world (interesting story!).

How to Get Donor Visits and Knock Them Out of the Park
(Chad Barger, CFRE)
Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a session focused on figuring out who you should talk to, getting the meeting, figuring out what questions to ask and following up afterward. Chad will walk you step by step through the process he has successfully used for years as he works to raise support for a charity.

Becoming a Grant-Ready Organization
(Jo Miller)
Whether you’re a seasoned grant professional fundraising for an established organization or an accidental grantwriter seeking funding for a new project, there is always room to grow. Join this session for hands-on evaluation of both your individual grantwriting skills and organizational grant readiness. Using a developmental approach offers a broad spectrum of insight, ideas for growth, and understanding of the field. Through this session you will identify opportunities for growth within your own professional development and organizational grant readiness; deepen your understanding of continued learning opportunities; and get inspired to generate ideas for continued growth.

The Board Means Well (even when they’re wrong!)
(Salvatore Salpietro)
Many grassroots organizations have to run everything by the board. Often they have opinions that may be value, but sometimes they may be disconnected or misinformed. We’ll review a few tips to getting them on-side. These include: Using data to help get decisions through, find ways where your desired outcome could also raise their profile, and keeping them posted on results.

Quick Wins for Increasing Web Traffic and Online Giving
(Salvatore Salpietro)
Increasing web traffic is a major goal for any nonprofit. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. I’ll share three simple ways to increase your web traffic and as a result, your online giving numbers. These three things will cover Social Sharing, Online Giving Experience and SEO quick-wins.